Army Reserve Enlisted Soldier

If you are an enlisted Soldier in the US Army Reserves and you’re interested in participating in ROTC, contact the Recruiting Operations Officer to set-up an interview. Army Reserve Soldiers have two options in ROTC; they can compete for a two year Guaranteed Reserve Forces Duty (GRFD) scholarship or request a non-scholarship option. Army Reserve Cadets are also required to participate in the Simultaneous Membership Program (SMP) once contracted with ROTC. Cadets in the SMP receive the following perks:

  1. E-5 Drill pay
  2. Non-Deployable Status
  3. Drill as a Cadet in your unit, shadow current platoon leaders

Cadets who earn a GRFD scholarship can use their scholarship for either 100% of their tuition or for Room & Board (worth approximately $3400 per semester). The scholarship also pay $1200 per year for books ($600 per semester). Upon graduation and commissioning GRFD Cadets will serve in the Army Reserve.

Cadets who pursue the non-scholarship option are able to compete for active duty between their MS 3 and MS 4 year.

Army Reserve Soldiers can begin the application process by completing the Prospect Questionnaire and providing the following documents to the Recruiting Operations Officer:

  1. DD 2807-1- Report of Medical History (Within 2 years)
  2. DD 2808- Report of Medical Examination (Within 2 years)
  3. SGLV 8286- Serviceman’s Group Life Insurance
  4. DD Form 4- Enlistment/Re-Enlistment Form
  5. DD Form 93- Record of Emergency Data
  6. DD Form 214- Certificate of Discharge From Active Duty
  7. SF 1199A- Direct Deposit Form
  8. W-4- Tax Withholding Certificate
  9. Birth Certificate
  10. Social Security Card
  11. Letter of Recommendation from the first officer in your chain of command