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Cadet Experience


As a participating student or contracted Cadet in ROTC you can expect to take one ROTC course per semester, which is separated by academic class and Basic/Advanced course.  If participating students are interested in ROTC scholarships and financial opportunities, the student must be registered for an MSL course.  Physical training, classroom time, and Leadership Lab take up only about 6-9 hours a week. In addition, Army ROTC Basic Course classes (Fr/So) are open to all full time college students as an elective that count toward academic credit. By taking these classes you do not incur any obligation to Army ROTC or the U.S. Army. If you are interested in Army ROTC check out one or all of the courses offered to see what it is all about!



Basic course outline the foundation of leadership and military skills training.  Students may register for Basic Courses during fall and spring semesters.  Basic course: MSL 101/102 (2hr), MSL 201/202 (2hr) OR MSL 210 (6hr) (28-day BASIC CAMP SUMMER INTERNSHIP) **ANY STUDENT MAY REGISTER AND PARTICIPATE FOR BASIC COURSES REGARDLESS OF ACADEMIC STATUS**. Advanced Courses are required in order to graduate and commission as an Army Officer. Advanced Courses: MSL 301/302 (3hr), MSL 310 (6hr) (SUMMER TERM: JUNIOR YEAR), and MSL 401/402 (3hr). **STUDENTS MUST MEET OR COMPLETE THE BASIC COURSE REQUIREMENT IN ORDER TO REGISTER FOR ADVANCED COURSES.  STUDENT MUST RECEIVE COURSE OVERRIDE FROM EKU ARMY ROTC ADMINISTRATOR TO REGISTER FOR ADVANCED COURSES**



Physical Training (PT) takes place in the mornings on Monday, Wednesday and Thursday each week. The early hours may take a few weeks to get used to but after a while you realize it is a great way to start your day. Regardless of your physical fitness level, Army ROTC incorporates a training regimen that adapts to all abilities where you will be challenged and see increased personal improvement. Each PT session focuses on improving a Cadet's deadlift, standing power throw, hand-release push-up, sprint-drag-carry, leg tuck, planks, and 2 mile run capabilities in order to set them up for success on the six event Army Combat Fitness Test (ACFT).



For two hours each week, all Cadets meet  to conduct Leadership Lab. This lab is a hands-on practicum which exposes the Cadets to military skills and affords them opportunities to develop and refine their leadership styles and abilities under differing constraints and environments.  Every semester the Colonels Battalion conducts a weekend long Field Training Exercise (FTX) where the cadets are able to practice the skills they have been learning on campus. FTX is generally conducted at a location which is conducive to activities such as land navigation, repelling, and paintball.


EKU Color Guard

EKU ROTC Color Guard has represented both the university and the Army ROTC program at competitions, formal ceremonies, athletic events and local community events. Many times the question arises as to what makes up a Color Guard. Simply stated, a member of the Color Guard is an individual, a man or woman who thinks for themselves, but gives up a portion of their individuality for the good of a higher order than themselves. Rather than wait to be ordered to do a task, the individual usually takes the initiative and with foresight accomplishes what has to be done. Should it be any other way? They are one of the few who have their eyes on the stars and feet on the ground.


EKU Ranger Company and Challenge Team

The EKU Ranger Company provides Cadets with an opportunity for challenging training and competition. Multiple teams fall under the umbrella of the Ranger Company. These teams include the Ranger Challenge team, Best Ranger teams and the Mountain Man teams.

The Ranger Challenge is the ‘varsity sport’ of ROTC and consists of multiple physical and technical skill competitive events. Cadets on the Ranger Challenge team train throughout the week during the competition season and push themselves to excel at physical training, tactics, marksmanship, ruck marching, first aid and other technical skills. EKU traditionally has placed in the top of the annual Bold Warrior Challenge at Ft. Knox, KY.

The Best Ranger teams compete at the annual Best Ranger competition at Xavier University. The competition consists of multiple technical and physical events completed in two-Cadet teams.

The Mountain Man teams participate in the annual Mountain Man Memorial March in Gatlinburg, TN. The event started as a way to honor local fallen veterans and their families but has slowly grown every year. It consists of a half and full marathon distance run and ruck march with 35lbs of gear.

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